Tree Sales and Rescue is owned and operated by Art Martinez.

Art grew up working on his father's grass farm and nursery, Roy's Nursery, in Poteet, Texas. There he learned early on about Texas native trees, shrubs, grasses and mulches.

However, it was through his gained knowledge and experience in the transplantion, excavation and removal of trees that he became dedicated in saving as many healthy trees as possible.

Today, he is a leading tree rescue expert with over 60 years experience who is called upon by The Texas Department of Transportation, Architects, Residential and Commercial Developers, Building Contractors, Landscapers, Insurance Companies and other municipalities for his services.

He has proudly saved thousands of healthy unwanted or displaced trees, of all sizes, others would have destroyed.

He is a member of The Texas Nursery & Landscape Association.

Tree Sales and Rescue is located in San Antonio, Texas and available for local or statewide tree sales and tree rescues.
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