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We specializes in the rescue of healthy mature trees others often consider too large to save.

We are able to supply, excavate or transplant healthy trees of various sizes for your residential or commercial needs.

Do you have one or more tree's in the way of your landscape or development project?

If so, call us to discuss a possible alternative to destroying something worth saving for generations to come. Give us the opportunity to remove or relocate what is standing in your path.

Our goal and motto is: "We are saving the earth 1 tree at a time" 
Shown here is a 136,000 lb Live Oak tree rescued for St. Gregory The Great Catholic Church in San Antonio, Texas. The beautiful Live Oak tree, estimated to be over 100 years old, was directly in the path of the church's expansion plan. After Art Martinez inspected the tree and its location he determined it could be saved. He and his experienced crew carefully unearthed the towering giant and with the use of a crane moved it to an out of the way place. Today, the old Live Oak remains healthy and thriving only 80 feet from it's original location.
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